About us

The Latvian Association of Higher Education Institutions for Lifelong Learning (LAKMA) is a society which unites on a voluntary basis ten higher education institutions of Latvia.

The society aims to support education in Latvia by promoting development of life-long learning at higher education institutions.

Life-long Learning in Europe and the world is considered to be an integral part of activities in universities; however, higher education institutions of Latvia have not yet fully acknowledged their role in adult education. The Association’s tasks envisage active involvement in the formulation and development of adult education policy, initiation of research on the current trends in adult education, improvement of lifelong learning programs offer, subsequently creating a joint database, as well as coordination and development of a system of recognition of previous education and development of co-operation with other European higher education institutions.

Association since now has successfully managed to perform with co-financing of Nordplus Adult approved project University and college role fortification in adult education.

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