Inguna Jurgelane
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
LAKMA Chair of the Board
"Worldwide the role of life-long learning has since long been recognised as an important aspect of both the national economic growth as well as improvement of individual life quality. In Latvia a debate on various issues of life-long learning has started just recently. It is necessary that the aspects of lifelong learning are brought forward at various institutional levels, so it is important that higher education institutions through the LAKMA can participate in and contribute to solving life-long learning related issues."
Mara Puspure
University of Latvia
Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, Director of Adult Pedagogic Education Centre
“The Association will strengthen a mutual interest of Latvian higher education institutions in the development of life-long learning and promote a development of a national and international cooperation networks which will facilitate development and implementation of projects of various scale.”
Viktorija Nikitina
Liepaja University
Head of Life-long Learning Department
“The Association is necessary to strengthen the capacity of life-long learning. It is a new level of university cooperation, exchange of experience and generation of new ideas.”
Zita Vanaga
Daugavpils University
Head of Life-long Learning Centre
"By supporting the education in Latvian, LAKMA (the society) will contribute to lifelong learning at higher education institutions, thus promoting and encouraging the rights-holders and the general public to make new plans and face fresh challenge in their daily lives."


Ugis Citskovskis
Riga Technical university

Deputy Director of Study Department

“No one will be able to convince me that the world is not beautiful! - said Winnie-the-Pooh after tightly hugging the pot of honey. ” (Alan Alexander Milne)



Ilona Blekte
Latvian Academy of Sport Education
Head of Professional Development and Life-long Learning Centre
“Life-long learning, which is based on inconsistent needs to acquire different knowledge and skills during the life of every person, is an important part of education system. Universities and colleges, which represent different fields, cooperate in an association with an aim to take part in the creation of states politics and to represent interest of those who are involved in life-long learning, as well as qualitatively influence the development of the field. LAKMA is a life-long learning dynamic participant, open for different collaboration forms, in order to promote all society improvement and states development.”
Aivars Stankevics
University of Ventspils
Acting head of Life-long Learning Centre
“Within nowadays changing environment the quality of people life depends from the ability to learn how to know, to do and to exist. Even more - today the emphasis is put on the ability to learn and to continue learning process all life. That is why life-long learning should be perceived as a process during all life, which surrounds every field of human action, in that way providing life quality of each individual and decreasing social rejection. ”
Ilvita Svane
Latvia University of Agriculture
Head of Life-long Learning Department
“I know that the mind grows old faster than the body, if it is not used, polished and trained every day.” (Z.Mauriņa)
Jevgenija Livdane
Riga Stradins university
Dean of Further education faculty
“In the professional development and career evolution of a person, more often the role of education increases, that is why universities should shape themselves as life-long learning centres in the state.”